Doug Wiktor Memorial Web Area

Doug Wiktor and I knew each other for 10 days, really. But those 10 days were to the exclusion of all other humans and in a wilderness area at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Doug died on 11/5/99 of a heart attack less than three months after that trip. He was out jogging on the American River Bike Trail in Sacramento. He was training for the California International Marathon, which, in turn, was itself a training event for his expedition to climb Aconcogua in Argentina in February 2000. He didn't make it out of the millennium. Besides the usual feelings about someone I know dying and someone dying young (he was 44), something else made his death more wrenching. First was his health, strength, size, and vitality. Second was the fact that we spent such an intimate time together and shared mostly unnamed and unnameable understandings and sensibilities besides a peak experience. Our compatibility made those other things even more tightly woven, more harmonic, and more meaningful. In this area, I'll add what I can for as long as I can to remember him and remind others of him and what little, but significant, part of him I knew.

Here's what's available now:

Information about our 8/99 Grand Canyon trip

The statement I read at his memorial service